2 months of ScienceBookaDay

My reflections of two months on Science Book A Day.

Science Book a Day

It’s been 2 months since I started Science Book a Day . Starting it on the 1st of June seemed like a good idea and it’s hard to believe that only 2 months have gone by and so much has happened!

Some people have really taken up the idea of SBAD and have retweeted the blog, liked it and promoted it on their own science engagement platforms. Please check out www.sciengage.com who featured us last week 🙂

Author Interviews – My first interview was on skype with Laura J Snyder who was wonderful to speak to from NYC. Antony Funnell (Podcaster of Future Tense) did a phone interview which I am still transcribing (I hate transcribing). And thanks to the internet, I have done 5-question interviews with Paul Meisel and Elisabeth Tova Bailey via email. Thanks guys for your time!

10 Great Books Authors – After about 3…

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