TileMill by MapBox

Today I had the good fortune to do a course about the free software – TileMill by MapBox. Follow this link to find the software – https://www.mapbox.com

The software is designed to overlay information onto maps. But it goes beyond what you can do with screen grabs from Google Maps or even placing pins in relevant locations. I allows you to modify the map itself, change the size of road/rivers/locations or remove them from the map completely. This allows you to focus on the message you are trying to say without worrying irrelevant information sneaking in.

If you’ve got experience in editing html or css, this program will suit you down to the ground. The only issue (as always) is sourcing GIS data that can be used. It’s straightforward with only a slight learning curve. In about 4 hours of working with a beginners audience, we were able to produce this:


Victoria Stations

This is a map of Victoria and adjoining regions of New South Wales and Adelaide in the south-eastern part of Australia. The red dots show the location of train stations (both still existing and abandoned).

I think the program is worth playing with and will see what I can make over the coming weeks and months 🙂

Check out the website and let me know how you get on!



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