Primary Teachers of Science: Be Passionately Curious

Some inspiring words for Primary Science Teachers.

Hypothetical Thinking

This is part of my lecture from this afternoon’s introduction to the preservice teacher course I give each year. It is an introduction to scientific ideas, modelling the pedagogies of primary science teaching. We move in and out of learning science, and learning to teach science.

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was an exceptional scientist. He was particularly intelligent, it’s true, and creative as well; you have to be to come up with totally new ideas and apply them as he did. But his quote reminds us that it’s not our talents that bring us success, it’s the effort we make. Professor Einstein ascribes his passion for finding things out as the reason that he worked so hard. Professor Richard Feynman, another brilliant physicist who lived after Einstein’s era, also talked about “the pleasure of finding things out”. To many scientists, it…

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