Education Portfolio – Placement 1

The following page is a collection of the resources, lesson plans and artefacts that George Aranda, Master of Teaching student at Deakin University has gathered during his degree.

Lesson Plans

September 2017 – Digital Technology – Coding Lesson

This is an example of a lesson plan conducted on my first placement. I tapped into Hour of Code, designed in US to give people access to coding. Conducted with student on rotation, it allowed me to work with 100 students, 25 at a time. It gave me the opportunity to see how students confronted the challenges provided by the coding course, 15 levels which challenged students to:

  • use basic direction programming to move BB88 around a course
  • use if-then statements to change the game in various ways
  • use mathematical thinking in their code.

September 2017 – Technology and Sustainability – Beeswax Wraps

This is an example of a lesson plan conducted on my first placement. The class had been doing a unit on sustainability when I had arrived and I had thought that doing a technology lesson on beeswax wraps would be a good final activity that the students could participate in.

Grating beeswax that would be melted into the 100% cotton wraps.

The final products, a rack full of bees wax wraps.

Beeswax Crossword for Year 4

September 2017 – Science – Science Games

I had recently done a Science Games Night, so I brought in my science games – Organ Attack and Go Extinct! to play with the students.

Organ Attack! Crossword for Year 4




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