2015 – UWA Lecture

I recently went for a Lectureship in Science Communication at the great University of Western Australia undergraduate Science Communication course. I didn’t get the job, but they did ask me to record a lecture for the interview. It’s a cut down version of a lecture I have given as part of my Science Communication Teaching at Deakin University. I see no point wasting an evening’s work. Comments and suggestions welcome!

2014 – Pozible Campaign

2014 – Interview with Tony de Saulles

For my work on Science Book a Day I had interviewed Tony for a blog piece. I was also organising an event with the Australian Science Communicators looking at the visual in Science Communication. We organised great visual science communicators, so I thought a recorded Skype interview with Tony would be a great addition to the night. He was so helpful and provided some great images for the interview.

2014 – Interview with Linnea Rundgren

I was organising people for an Australian Science Communicators event looking at the visual in Science Communication. Linnea is a science photographer and thought she would be great for the night, but she was going overseas for work, but made the time for the interview below. She also supplied some great images for the video as well.

2013 – Science Book a Day Interviews Laura J Snyder

My initial idea for Science Book a Day was to video interview all the interviews I do. This was my first interview, but I quickly realised that I didn’t have time to do interviews with every single author, considering the time difference in the US and the UK (where most of the authors are from) and the amount of time it took to arrange this interview. I really enjoyed chatting to Laura, who is very generous with her time and someone I consider a friend.


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